Princess Khayriya Enayat Seraj
Damascus 1893 – 1980 Kabul.

Married Crown Prince Enayetullah on 1910. The first daughter-in-law of Amir Habib Ullah. She was secretary of her father, specially to write down the translation of Jules Verne novels in Farisi.
Her children are ;
*Khalilolah 1910 - 1978
*Zainab 1912 - 1959
*Masturah 1913 - 1997
*Homeyra   1915 - 1977 married with Ata Ullah(Nasser-Zia)/died 1971/ and had two sons;
 Hamid Nasir-Zia,ambassador in office Kabul and Azim Nasir-Zia,ambassador at Doha. (2011-. . . )
*H.E.Hamidullah Enayat Seraj, 1917; married to Abedah (daughter of Soraya) 1958.He had several posts in government. He was Minister of Education. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Governer of Herat, Ambassador in UK and Ambassador in India.
He was the Honourable Chairman of Mahmud Tarzi International Cultural Foundation/ MTCF.
H.E. Prince Hamidullah Enayet Seraj passed away on September 22nd, 2009 in Rome and his burial took place on September 24th, 2009.He was the oldest living grandson of Mahmud Tarzi.
Sardar Omer Tarzi,president of MTCF,Prince Khayrullah E.Seraj,brother,Shahzada Prince Ehsanullah,H.E. Nanguyalai Tarzi,mr. Yousuf Seraj gathered with respected Afghan colony living in Geneva, for his soul.
God Rest His Soul in Peace.
*Rokia 1918. Married to Tooryaley Etemadi in 1948. She died at USA, feb.2015 
 Her children are Hamed, Nazifa, Mahmud and Mariam.
*Hamida 1920. Married Abdullah Tarzi. Her son is Habib Ullah.
*Khayrollah 1921. Married Leila Rechtia 1971 in the Afghan Embassy in Tokyo, on 7 February. Her father was ambassador there from 1970 to 1973.
1930 - 1952 He studied collage Sainte Jeanne d'Arc in Istanbul then in Paris.1952 - 1975 He worked for various Afghan Ministries in Paris, London and Kabul.
He was living in Geneva.
*Esmatollah 1922.Married Mariam Tarzi 1959. Her children are Enayetullah and Simin.
*Latifa 1923.Married Abdulkabir Seraj in 1948. Her children are Ziakabir, Mahmud, Habib, Afzal, Jamal, Zarina, Soraya.
*Anissa 1925.Married Abdullah Melikyar in 1948 who was the governor of Herat. He later became Minister of Communication, Minister of Finance, 2nd deputy PM and Ambassador in UK, USA and Iran. Died 2002. Her children are Khalilullah, Obeidullah, Necibullah, Nadia, Roxana.
*Nafissa 1928 - 1944
*Fatima 1929 - 1929