You probably know much more about Mahmud Tarzi, about his father ‘' respected great Afghan intellectual; Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Khan and his family. For those who have never heard of him or know him a little, we hereby try to give a simple story of Mahmud Tarzi and his noble family of warm people living all around the world. This is not an academic study but is sincerely prepared and gathered from the living members of the family. There are several finished, unfinished, written sources which are also available. But there are no documents giving detailed information directly about Mahmud Tarzi. 

It is our pleasant duty to express our thanks for the advice and information we received from every member of his Family and we will always be glad to receive all kinds of further valuable information.

Enjoy your reading; like a fairy tale or like a saga of the past and the present. 


October 2003, İstanbul

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We wish to express our deep gratitude to mr. Wahid Tarzi(more at family-wahab tarzi page) for making valuable editorial suggestions and releasing his documents to use and will remember his works all the time.

Acknowledgments are due to Ludwic W. Adamec a close friend of the family and also to prof. Louis Dupree and Prof. W. Gregorian, prof. May Schinasi and Mrs. Rhea Talley Stewart whose books and documents gave us different views in our preparation.
We owe thanks to editorial team members;mrs. Muazzez (Tarzi) Atesdagli- daughter of A.Aziz Tarzi- who spends her valuable time for corrections, and to mrs. Humeyra Gucuk- daughter of pcess Nagia (d'Afghanistan) Dogan who works for documentation and let her thesis for Mahmud Tarzi to be used and to mrs. Idıl Tarzi -daughter of Sardar Omer Tarzi- who brought a new concept&design into the site.
Our sincere thanks to all Tarzi families, living around the world and supported this mission with their open assistances and thanks to real Afghan friends, authors,litterateurs, Kabul University and fans of Mahmud Tarzi's.

For more see in; "Afghanistan's Foreign Affairs to the Mid-Twentieth Century" by Prof.L.W.Adamec,The Unv. of Arizona Press, and "Mahmud Tarzi;Forgotten Nationalist" by Prof.Louis Dupree,American Universities Field Staff Report Service-South Asian Series, and "The Emergence of Modern Afghanistan" by Prof. V.Gregorian,Stanford Unv. California,1969 and "Afghanistan at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century" by Prof. May Schinasi,Istituto Universitario Orientile, Naples 1979, and "Fire in Afghanistan, 1914-1929" by Mrs.Rhea Talley Stewart,1973.