1865 - Born in Ghazni,

1882 - Jan. 17 exiled to India with his father and a family group of 150 members.

1884 - June. Ghulam Muhammad and Mahmud Tarzi's tour of India start.

1885 - Ghulam Muhammad visits to Sultan Abdulhamid in Istanbul.

1886 - June. Another visit to Sultan Abdulhamid with Mahmud Tarzi.

1890 - Wrote his novel "Travel Accros Three Continents in Twenty-Nine Days" published in 1914

1891 - Married to Asma Rasmiya, daughter of Sheikh Saleh Al-Mossadiah, businessman and the muezzin of Amawia mosque.

1896 - Mahmud Tarzi depart from Damascus to Istanbul for participating of Sayyed Jemaleddin's meetings.

1897 - Ghulam Muhammad's last pilgrimage to Mecca.

1900 - 15 Shawal, 1318. Dead of Ghulam Muhammad Khan.

1901 - Journey to Istanbul following his father's dead.

1902 - Lahore, printing "Account of a Journey, Inverse" (Seyahat-nama-e Manzum)

1902 - Feb. Amir Habibullah invites Mahmud Tarzi and his family back to Afghanistan. Appointed chief of bureau of translation for Royal Court (dar-ut-tarjama), by Amir Habibullah.

1902 - March, Mahmut Tarzi and his nephew Habibullah travelled to Bambay, Delhi, Lahore and Peshawar.

1904 - Habibiya College for Boys was established.

1904 - Royal Military College was establised.

1904 - Oct. 7 back to Damascus with his nephew Habibullah.

1905 - Invited back to Afghanistan by Amir Habibullah

1905 - Chief advisor of Amir and head of Translator Office

1906 ~ 1911 - Constitutional movements in China, Ottoman Empire, Persia.

1907 - Anglo-Russian convention.

1910 - 15 Sevval 1329 Kameri. First issue of Seraj-ul Akhbar.

1913 - Foundation of Afghan Department of Education.

1914 - Founding of a teacher-training center (Dar-ul-Muallemin and Dar-ul Ta'alif).

1919 ~ 1922 - Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1919 - May, Third Anglo-Afghan war began.

1919 - Aug. 19, Decleration of Afghanistan Independency.

1920 ~ 1921 - Apr. 12, Musoorie Independence conferences. Mahmud Tarzi is the chairman of Afghan negotiation team

1921 - January until November, Negotiation with Britain in Kabul.

1922 ~ 1924 - Afghan Ambassador in Paris, France.

1924 ~ 1927 - Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1927 - Jan. Left Kabul for medical treatment in Europe.

1928 - Official meeting in Egypt as a minister of F.A.

1929 - Exiled to Istanbul with his family.

1933 - Nov. 23, His dead in Istanbul.

2003 - Nov.23, ceremony was held for the 70th anniversary of the death of Mahmud Beg Tarzi by his living family members in Eyyub Sultan cemetery, Istanbul. (more in memorial )

2005 - Sept.01, Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation (MTCF) is established in Kabul.

2008 - 75th memorial anniversary of Mahmud Tarzi. aug 23-24/sombola 2-3; international conference for Mahmud Tarzi held in Kabul by Foreign Affairs (more in mtcf and news)

2008 - aug 25/sombola 4 ; cornerstone ceremony at MTCF land.(more in news)

2008 - nov.22/qaus 2- 1387; koran prayed and held a conference at his house, at Darrul Aman Mahmud Tarzi Lycee. On 23rd a academic conference held in Higher Edu Ministry halls for his 75th memorial anniversary.

2009 - June 8th-9th. MTCF organized an International Forum in memory of Allama Mahmud Tarzi together with Unv.of Istanbul Faculty of Literature and Institute of Eurasia in Eurasia Institute halls,Istanbul with unselfish support of Turkish State and gov.

2010 - Nov.23, Memorial Anniversary at Eyyub Sultan cemetery

2011 - Sept.13, Seraj al Akhbar 100 years anniversary. ISESCO-UNESCO, Paris

2013 - Nov. meeting of  his death, Istanbul

2014 - September. "iki kral,bir lider"(two kings and a leader), a book about his life,written by Omer Tarzi, published.

2015 - June,11. 150th birth anniversary. Forum held in Kabul by TIKA cooperation

2017 - Nov.27-28Turkish-Afghan relationship symposium. Anadolu Unv. Eskişehir

2018 - March,16. A celebration of Afghan- Turk relationship, Bahariye mevlevi hall, Istanbul

2018 - Nov. 23. Family gathered for 85th years of his death in Istanbul.

2019 - Aug. 19-20   100 years of Istiklal and memorial ceremony. Family and Afghan and Turkish state representatives gathered at the cemetery of Mahmud Tarzi. "pls refer to for details." 

2021- March. "Two Kings and a Leader" a book written by mr. Ömer Tarzi published in English and available "amazon" and other internet book stores.