Princess Amenah Shah Begum   

H.R.H. Princess Amenah d'Afghanistan, the first daughter of King Amanullah and Queen Soraya, was born in Kabul on May 14 th , 1916. She completed her elementary school in Kabul and was exiled to Rome , Italy with her family in 1929.
In the 1930's she continued her studies in Florence at the college “Poggio Imperiale.” After completing college, she went to an art academy in Rome . At the same time she also had private lessons together with Prof. Arcioni, a famous Italian painter of that era. H.R.H. Princess Amenah d'Afghanistan was in social circles such as Italian aristocracy as well as the family of the Italian King; she also was well traveled throughout Europe.
In 1953, H.R.H. Princess Amenah d'Afghanistan traveled to Istanbul , Turkey in order to see her extended family that were the children of Mahmud Tarzi.
In 1954, H.R.H. Princess Amenah d'Afghanistan married a naturalized Turkish citizen of Bosnian origin named Mustafa Hasanovic Ar. He was the son of the deputy of the Bosnian Young Moslems.
H.R.H. Princess Amenah d'Afghanistan lived in Istanbul and frequented many diplomatic circles and art expositions in Istanbul . She passed away on October 29 th , 1992.