Crown Prince Ehsan Ullah

He was born in Kabul on 4 oct.1926.

He educated elementary&secondary schools in Rome. He went to Military School in 1941-43. In 1945, he entered University Rome;Civil Eng.Faculty,then to Padova Unv. He graduated in 1952 as civil eng dr.

His professional business carrier started with French co. Entrepoje at Teheran, Iran as a Pipeline project&construction controller.In 1955 he joined in Etco,a French-Iranian co. Teheran for the road&bridges projects of northern Iran. Then transferred to Recht as a chief site engineer.

In 1963 he ended this work and went back for Italy to seek new job. He engaged with UNESCO (UN) as a professor to engineer school in Algeria. Transferred to Kinshasa/Zaire,in 1969. He was in Saigon/South Vietnam with same duty and engaged with ILO (int.Labour Office in Geneva) as a consultant and supervisor of the planning projects for the developing countries. He travelled Africa Tunisia, Morocco, Guinea, Mali,Burkina,Niger, Ivory Coast,Togo,Benin,Zaire, Botswana, Ethiopia, Tchad, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Leshoto, Congo(Brazzaville)-, Asia- Lebanon,Nepal, Indonesia- , America-Haiti- . He retired from ILO, on 1987 and made some private consultancy business to some companies until 1991.

He visited Afghanistan,Herat on 1994 for 12 days to participate to a peace conference.

He started to work on his book about his father Aman Ullah,the late king of Afghanistan, on 1995, made official travels in the European cities,like Paris,Bruxelles,Berne,Rome and Istanbul to collect the documents&materials for this work.

He gave several conferences and still gives about Afghanistan’s geography,history and about King Aman Ullah time in Afghanistan, in Geneva, Hamburg, Koln, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Strasbourg.
His book “La Voyage D’Aman Ullah, Roi D’Afghanistan” published on 2005. His intention now, to write a book about “last months of Saigon.”

He married to Leyla Tarzi on 28 july 1958, daughter of Col.Tavvab Tarzi,son of MahmudTarzi.(see more about col.Tavvab Tarzi family)

He has two sons; Ahmed Aman Ullah,born 17.10.1961 and Rahmad Ullah, born 11.7.1965, both in Istanbul.

Presently he is living in Geneva.
His book is “Le Voyage D’AMAN ULLAH Roi d’Afghanistan” is published in 2005
It is available at Payot Book Store in Geneva .
Order address – out of France – is;
M. d’Afghanistan Ehsan Ullah, rue Michell Servet 18 1206 Genève – Suisse and fax to; +41 22 346.04.22
Price ; € 30+€ 3/ pp with transport limite

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updated Jan.2009
Agenda of Prince Ehsan Ullah d’Afghanistan Workshop&Conferences&talks
1997 interview to France TV2 / Amanullah Khan and Independence of Afghanistan
2001 Italian-Geneva Assoc. conf./ Relations between Italy&Afghanistan
2003 Geographic Inst.of Geneva conf / The Official Journey of King Amanullah in Europe 1928
2003 Private Club Geneva conf / Afghan Women
2004 Germany and Holland conf / Afghanistan,During the Amanullah reign
2005 Holland,Germany,Belgium,France with Afghan Assoc. and Goethe Inst.
; conf./ women Day and role of Queen Soraya,Afghanistan;During the reign of Amanullah,King's journey to Europe,
The future of Afghanistan.
2006 Germany,Berlin talk reconstruction of Dar-El-Aman palace
2007 geneva conf to cercle francais de Afghanistan in XX century
Padova Unv. Italy conf. Italy and Afghanistan
Aix en Provence conf. France and Afghanistan
2008 geneva Swiss conf Suisse and Afghanistan


Prince Ehsan Ullah d'Afghanistan passed away 2017,07, 28 at Geneva. Funeral ceremony held on 4th Aug. Unfortunatelly there was no officials from Afghan government. His sister pricess Nagia, nephews princess Humeyra, prince Omer Dogan, sardar Omer Tarzi&Melike khanum and distinquished crown were presented at the ceremonies.