Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation
11-09-2018/MSG.from A.Faymann

Message:I worked in Kabul for 1973 to 1975 as an UN expert at the Afghan Tourist Organization with mr. Tarzi as president. he and his wife were outstanding personalities who made my stay in Afghanistan a memorable experience. he told me many stories about his father Mahmud Tarzi. I than met them again in Geneva


Name:anton faymann

İki Kral,Bir Lider/two kings and a leader
27-07-2018/bravo mr. Tarzi

I started reading "two kings&a leader" from yesterday and can not put the book down. It is amazing work. In addition to being a major research and documentary about Afghanistan, it has also been touching, extraordinary, warm biography of great Tarzi family with amir Habib Ullah and king Aman Ullah period. I extend my deep congratulations to mr. Ömer Tarzi and wish him to finalize the second and third books in health. Thank you very much and my deepest respect and love. ms. Meral Yalçınkaya, pharmacist, Tarabya, Istanbul, Turkiye


Message:Dear and respected Mr. Tarzi, Thank you for your email. By establishing the Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation you have done a great job. I hope it will work more about the life and struggles of the late Tarzi as its his right on the Afghan Nation. We will continue to get advantage from the books and all the efforts that Mr. Tarzi has done for our country and will try our best to highlight his work so many Afghans can know about him. The books we are going to publish will be teach in all the private schools in allover the country and I am sure the students will like the article about one of their Hero and Reformist. My name is Ghousuddin Frotan, I am basically from Ghazni and then moved to Kunduz and was born there. Since 2001, I live in Kandahar and have established WESA Academy here, the First English Medium School in Kandahar: Beside this, I have established Hindara Educational and Social Development Organization that work in eduction, social development, peace building and capacity building since 2005. Through Hindara we have printed 16 different literary, historical and scientific books. We have also published "The path to just order" a valuable book of the current president of Afghanistan Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. 

seminar for Sardar Mahmud Tarzi

Date:2017-12-04 11:06:06

Name:zakia roshan

Subject:Request for help in organizing best seminar for Mahmud Tarzi's personality and books

Message:Our organization is trying the best to organize a great national seminar on Mahmud Tarzi's personality and all his books, activities and His effective role in Afghanistan History. rgds.

İki Kral,Bir Lider

çok güzel hazırlanmış bir kitap. büyük bir eksiği kapatıyor. teşekkürler

Cahit Yalman-araştırmacı


congratulation for the fantastic work on this site. I wished to see some poems of this great poet . If it is possible please add some of his poets to read. I am related to this great man from my mother side and sometimes I write some poem and I believe I inherated this talent from his great father and him.Well done and please add more updated information.

With best regards, Naseer Shakila