Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation
named to new building
25-09-2018/president of MTCF

With the approval of Kabul Ministry of Education, the new building of Mahmud Tarzi Lycee, build with the personal efforts of mr. Ömer Tarzi the founder of Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation – MTCF – , is named as “Sardar Ömer Tarzi”  and the plaquette is hanged on the building. 2018,Sept./pictures in Gallery.

20-07-2018/mr. Tamer Soyer, supporter of scholarship program of MTHS passed away in Bodrum, Turkiye

mr. Tamer Soyer, 80, passed away at Bodrum, Turkiye on july,20,2018. He was one of the MTCF scholarship programme supporter. He contributed one of the scholars 3 years lycee period expenses. May his soul rest in peace. Funeral ceremony will be held on 22nd of July,2018 at Istanbul.

Charity Organisation by Zafar Khan Durani

The information about the charity organization that Zafar Khan Durani, who had received university education with MTCF scholarship in 2007-2010, made with his own efforts as follows;
"My Last Social Stand: I collected donations from University students and professors last winter and distributed to the war immigrants from Helmand province to Kabul They live under tents and had lost four children due to the cold weather last winter, I distributed 125,000AFS to 50 poorest families, 2500AF/each family to buy some warm clothes," says mr. Z. Durani.

As founders and members of MTCF, we express our appreciatons to Zafar Khan Durani and a commendation will be presented by the board of founders.

For pictures, please visit our facebook page; . Please highlight the adress.


01-01-2016/Board of Founders

MTCF Board of Founders will announce new board of trustees and departments. Until then board members and activities are suspended.

10th year of MTCF

Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation established September 2005, Kabul,Afghanistan.

10th year of anniversary will be celebrated sept.2015

MTCF stays for Afghan youth !
27-06-2010/MTCF serving to Afghan youth. . .

MTCF builded 16 classes new building in Mahmud Tarzi High School with fastidious work of mr. Omer Tarzi,president of MTCF.